D-S-X Vehicle Dynamic Systems

News about the DSX emergency location and tracking system (SaFly)

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The increasing requests for information about the SaFly system suggest that it can be helpful to provide a guideline for the SaFly information.

Please read on, to easily dig out more info that you might be interested in.

Stay tuned: new information are flowing every day, so please visit us in the coming days.

Update May 2012: the new version of the SaFly, v.3, is in production now.

The available models are now two and both of them come with

- the display (now a graphic one, unclosed in the box, under a transparent plexi window)

- a push button to command the ON/OFF of the system, now controlled by the CPU, in place of the previous switch, protected in between the antennas connectors

- a new internal pressure sensor

- the hardcase to carry and protect the SaFly everywhere, also in shallow water !

The Sport version: for the sportmen, ready to go (990 Euros)

The Pro version: for the professionals (from 1200 Euros, depending on the customization and the options required); the system is higly customizable, with the possibility of having a dedicated server at customer's site, with taylored software and a firmware in the SaFly that matches exactly the needs of the user.

Presentation of the system (webpage) (pdf slideshow EN / IT)

SaFly brochure (EN)

The SaFly in Sport Aviation

How does the SaFly transmit the data ? A schematic representation

The Optional Equipment

The Insurances for Sport Pilots

Examples of tracking pages of past events

GPRS data plans (examples of costs)


T-Shirt della Nazionale Argentina di VaV

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VaV Arg TShirt_02xx

La squadra Nazionale Argentina di volo a vela realizza una maglietta ed una giacca a vento per ogni campionato del Mondo al quale partecipa.

Chi interessato ci contatti per comunicarci la taglia.Oggi e' possibile richiedere un limitato numero di capi che saranno realizzati per il campionato del mondo di Uvalde 2012.

Qui di seguito alcune fotografie della maglietta realizzata per il Campionato del Mondo Juniores di Musbach.



SaFly: tested by Aerokurier, Thermik, Paramotor and XCMag

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The free flight magazines AerokurierThermik, Paramotor and XCMag tested the SaFly system and published their articles.

You can find the Thermik article here, the Paramotor article here (in German) and in XCMag it's here.


The SaFly family expands

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Hard box_08 writings 600

With the adoption of the SaFly by more diverse customers, the need for different versions was a serious issue: the requirements for different applications are getting more and more complex, therefore the creation of different versions of the SaFly: SaFly Free, SaFly Sport and SaFly Pro.


SaFly installed in the gliders of the Argentinian Junior Team

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The SaFly units have been installed onboard the 4 gliders of the Argentinian Junior National Gliding Team, competing in Germany at the Worlds.


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LiPo battery - 14.8V 6.3Ah
LiPo battery - 14.8V 6.3Ah


Tracer IGC DSX8001
Tracer IGC DSX8001

iPAQ 38xx and later cable (Data & Power)
iPAQ 38xx and later cable (Data & Power)